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What is Credit Risk Assessment?
Credit risk assessment is a term used to describe the overall process or method where you:
- Identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm to creditworthiness
- Analyze and evaluate the risk associated with that credit risk
- Determine appropriate ways to eliminate the risk, or control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated

One way to look at a formal risk assessment process is your organization is now being proactive rather than reactive. If you have the opportunity to anticipate a potential security incident and address the potential adverse impacts, chances are you will be successful and save your business from credit loss. Credit analysis helps determine both the growth potential and stability of a company

Businesses are facing increasingly stringent legislation and increased demands for good governance, risk management and accountability. In the decade since the financial crisis, credit risk has evolved from an integral part of doing business to a strategic sustainability measure.

The main benefit of integrated and quantitative credit risk management is the reduction of revenue losses. Monitoring your credit risk allows your executive management team to understand which potential clients may be at too high a risk and exceed your predetermined level of risk tolerance.

Credit risk, if properly identified and managed, can be used as a strategic opportunity. Through effective credit risk management, your business can significantly improve overall performance and provide a competitive advantage. We optimize your company's financial health by reducing late payments, optimizing cash flow, accelerating cash flow, improving cash flow and working capital.

Our credit management service improves your productivity and team collaboration: digitalization, maintaining customer relationships: accelerating litigation detection, special global solutions.
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